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I'm Alan Bowden. I've been restoring classic cars and aircraft for more than 30 years. I love machines that were made in the past by craftsmen with skill, passion and talent.

What I find amazing about the work of those craftsmen of years ago is the outstanding results they achieved with equipment that is primitive by today's standards. They'd never heard of a computer or CNC machining centres.

In the business of car restoration, I've gained an insight into the engineering philosophy of those master craftsmen. I believe it's possible to re-create any item that was made in the past, even if it's difficult to do. In fact, the more difficult the greater the challenge and reward.

During my career, I've not only helped car and aviation enthusiasts with restoration and fabrication but also worked alongside sculptors, architects and promotional specialists with creative ideas to express.

It saddens me to see how modern consumerism has almost destroyed true craftsmanship. Mass production has no soul. I look to be uplifted by my work, and for my work to uplift others.

I believe we need to leave something of quality behind for future generations, to help them understand what we were about.

If you would like help with any restoration, fabrication, replica or coachbuilding project, you can contact me at

I'd love to bring your dream to life!

Car restoration, car fabrication, replicas and coachbuilding

Bowden Bodies has a full range of services for classic, vintage and collectible cars. Our workshop has over 100 years experience in car restoration, car fabrication, replicas and coachbuilding.