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Specialised coachwork - Rolls Royce

A standard Rolls Royce Silver Dawn 4 door saloon was converted to a 4-seater drop-head convertible. For this project the owner purchased the Silver Dawn Saloon which had been stored for 18 years in a farm barn and used as a home for all the local rodents. Because of the scarcity in NZ of drop-head convertibles, the owner decided to rebody his acquisition and commissioned Classicar Restoration because of its reputation for expertise in fabrication.

As no plans were available for this modification, the Rolls Royce register was researched and an American owner of an original drop-head convertible was approached. He readily agreed to supply photographs from which we were able to fabricate full size profiles.

The original vehicle was retained from the firewall forward, and the entire rear section including the windscreen surround was fabricated. We chose to make the frame from metal rather than wood for additional strength, the body panels were made from aluminium and the mudguards (fenders) made from steel. Tail-light bases were re-cast to suit the new application and the window winding mechanisms were fabricated using our own design.

Details for the hood were supplied by another Rolls Royce owner in Australia who was recovering his own hood and was therefore able to photograph the exposed frame. From these photos we made a working model using the AutoCad computer programme.

rolls royce silver dawn

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